about this blog

I bought a Canon G9 in July 2008. For me, it was a considerable expenditure; a real indulgence. So, to justify the purchase, I vowed to carry it with me always, posting the resulting images to this photoblog.

The characteristics of a point and shoot camera influences shooting technique and the images obtained. The small sensor gets noisy with higher ISO speeds, so I generally stick with ISO 80. Small sensor means short focal length, so there's plenty of depth of field. The contrast range is limited; I often need to make two exposures of a scene in order to get detail in the sky, using the HDR technique. The camera does have an optical viewfinder, but I frequently compose my pictures using the lcd screen. It's just like using a tiny view camera.

I live in Saskatoon, on the Canadian prairie, and most of my shooting is done close to home—showing things that have caught my eye. The scenery here is rarely spectacular, but I find the prairies to be very beautiful—in a quiet sort of way. One of my aims is to document this beauty; to be able to share it with others.

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